Full Home Inspection/Pre-listing Inspection                       $350.00     

All home inspections under 3k sqft. Additional charges apply to larger homes or multiple units. Home Inspections are NOT code inspections. Re-inspections, of repairs, are free within 60 days of the original inspection. 


Pool/Spa Inspection                                                                            $150.00 

Visual inspection of one pool or spa and components. This is NOT a code inspection.


Mold Sample Testing                                                                          $250.00   

Visual inspection of the property and mold sampling. Multiple air samples and tape lift samples are taken at the property and sent to a 3rd party lab. Lab results take 7-10 business days. Additional charges are applied if additional samples are requested. 


Radon Sample Testing                                                                       $150.00     

A radon testing device(s) is placed within the home for 72 hours. 


Drug Residue Testing                                                           $100.00     

Swab samples at taken from 5 locations within the home. Samples are tested on-site in most cases. If further testing is needed from a 3rd party lab additional fees may apply. Residue testing can identify illicit or street drugs as Methamphetamine, Fentanyl, Heroin/Opiates, Cocaine, MDMA/Ecstasy. Testing equipment are narcotic analysis tests similar to those used by Law Enforcement. 


Drone Photography                                                                          $100.00       

5-15 aerial photos will be taken of the property. The number of photos is based on nearby obstacles and restrictions. We will follow FAA guidelines. Some photo editing is included. 


360 Virtual Tour Photography                                               $100.00         

Full 360 tour photos taken of all appropriate areas on the home. A virtual dollhouse is created for online virtual tours. Minor editing is included. Price based on homes under 3K sqft. Photos taken using the Asteroom system and equipment. 


Thermal Photography                                                                            Free             

All Home inspections and Mold inspections included thermal imaging photography to test heating and cooling and identify anomalies that may indicate moisture intrusion or insulation defects. This is a free service.


Monster Inspection                                                                             Free               

Certificate for the kids “This home is Monster free”. Upon request only.


Additional fees: 

Additional fees, based on mileage, will be added to inspections performed outside of the greater ABQ area.

An additional fee of $50 is added to any Home Inspection that is being paid for at “Closing”. Additional documents are needed as well.

A service fee is needed for any Re-inspection outside of 60 days from the original inspection.

A cancelation fee is added to any appointment that is canceled without 24-hour notice.